2-in-1 Baby Carrier
2-in-1 Baby Carrier

2-in-1 Baby Carrier

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Our baby carriers were designed with one thing in mind - your child’s safety! Which is why we have gone in for a 2-in-1 design. Why is that important? You wouldn't leave your child unattended someplace where you can't see him. With just two ways to carry your baby, you ensure that he will always be in front of you, within eyesight, as opposed to him being at your back, with no way for you to know if he is in any discomfort.

So, while other companies can boast about the number of ways in which you can carry your baby, we feel that your baby is safest where you can see him! Add to it the ergonomic design, that helps take the load of your back, and you’ve got the PERFECT baby carrier!

We recommend having babies face inwards, towards you till they are old enough to support their own neck. Once they are old enough to do that and want to explore the world around them, they can be carried, facing outwards.

In both these positions, your baby will always be in front of you and you can keep and eye on him at all times.

 Age: 3-14 months

Weight (for child):  3.6kgs - 9.1kgs


  • Fits parents perfectly and securely with minor adjustments.
  • Keep your baby close while keeping your hands free.
  • The cross design shoulder straps distribute the weight evenly for extra comfort.
  • Specially developed to give the correct support to your baby's head, neck, spine and hips.
  • Removable bib for extra convenience.