Anti-Colic Glass Bottle
Anti-Colic Glass Bottle
Anti-Colic Glass Bottle


Anti-Colic Glass Bottle

Rs. 699.00


  • Patented Air Venting mechanism
  • Made from strong, double layered Borosilicate glass
  • Includes a protective plastic case.
  • 2 additional nipples (size M & L) provided.
  • Nipple sizes: S size for 0-3 months, M size for 3-9 months and L size for >9 months.
  • Easy to clean.

Size: 8oz (240ml)

Age: 0-12 months

What's wrong with conventional bottles? The lack of ventilation in most bottles, cause a vacuum to build up while the baby is feeding. This can cause problems inside the ear and lead to ear infections. At other times, if the air flow inside the bottle isn't balanced, babies can ingest too much air which can cause them to burp or spit up. 

What makes ReeBaby bottles different? The 'Patented Anti-Colic Valve' in our bottles helps to balance out the airflow, which in turn, ensures a smooth and controlled flow of milk to the baby. Check out the video below to understand how our 'True Anti-Colic' bottles work.

Thick Borosilicate Glass Body Why glass? Well, it's simply the safest choice. With glass, you don't have to worry about BPA or any other harmful substances that plastic bottles are associated with. 

Also, don't worry about dropping the bottle as we have also provided an outer, protective plastic case (included in the box), which can prevent the bottle from breaking if dropped accidentally. 

Unique two way opening and joint free design: Two way opening makes the bottle very easy to clean. The joint free design also prevents residue bild up inside the bottle.

Silicone nipples and valve: Silicone is an inert substance (i.e. it doesn't react with any other substances), which makes it an ideal choice to use in baby bottles or other health care products.


  • Protective plastic cover.
  • 2 additional nipples (size M & L).
  • Nipple sizes: size for 0-3 months, M size for 3-9 months and L size for >9 months.