All Purpose Coconut Balm
All Purpose Coconut Balm
All Purpose Coconut Balm
All Purpose Coconut Balm

All Purpose Coconut Balm

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Experience the goodness of cold pressed coconut oil in a balm. Your one solution for preventing diaper rash, cuts, bruises, cracked nipples, insect bites, burns, stretch marks, moisturising and preventing dry skin, removing makeup, chapped lips and much more.

Super convenient and easy to carry wherever you go. Useful for babies and adults.

Indian flag Proudly Made in India using the best locally sourced ingredients.

Net weight: 60g



Apply topically.

For external use only. Do not use if allergic to the ingredients.



Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, Natural Beeswax and Vitamin E.

• Paraben-Free • Not Tested On Animals



"My daughter has been having really bad diaper rash on and off and I've used 3-4 diaper rash creams and they've all been pretty useless or drying her skin out terribly or just making things worse.So I decided to just use ReeBaby only and it's been soooooo good!

Thank you so much for this. It's pretty much my go-to for anything, rash, insect bite, dry skin, anything!"

Tina Paul

"I must say that it's an excellent product. All the goodness of coconut oil in a non messy balm form. It has best quality cold pressed coconut oil, and zero chemicals. My baby tends to have dry skin and scalp. This balm keeps scalp moisturized, and since it comes in a non drip balm form, it can be conveniently carried in bag and reapplied during day, as and when required."


"Finally my search for organic Coconut Oil is over. From my childhood coconut oil is my skin’s best friend. My mom used to get original oil extracted from the coconut in-front of her eyes but one day that shop closed for some reason and I was not able to get original oil. This Reebaby coconut balm is giving me same results in just two days of use. I am glad that I can give original Coconut oil to my daughter as my mom did to me."


"I love that it is all natural and chemical free. It has been our go-to solution for moisturizing, mosquito bites and many other things for my toddlers and me."

Shruti K

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