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What Are The Best Sources Of Stem Cells?

  Most parents these days are aware of the benefits of banking their baby’s umbilical cord and cord blood. However, unknown to even some doctors (and most parents), the Placenta (Chorion + Decidua), Amniotic Sac and Amniotic Fluid are the richest source of stem cells in Quality and Quantity. Why? Find out below… Placenta – The outermost membrane around the embryo. Amniotic Sac – The bag of fluid inside the uterus where the baby is born. Amniotic Fluid – This is the fluid inside the amniotic sac that the developing baby inhales and exhales. It also provides cushioning against the mother’s abdomen. Far Superior Stem cells obtained from the Placenta, Amniotic Sac and Amniotic Fluid are Pluripotent. Pluripotent cells have...

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