Why We Chose Glass For Our Feeding Bottles

When we were starting out, we asked a lot of questions to ourselves and other mothers on why we should choose a particular product. When it came to our feeding bottles, we were pretty sure of our solid Anti-Colic system. We knew the science behind it and why it was so different from any other bottle available in the market. But, what about the material of the bottle itself? Should we opt for plastic or glass?

Both plastic and glass came with their own pros and cons, the biggest pros for plastic being:

  • It is much cheaper to produce as compared to glass,
  • It's unbreakable.

However, plastic bottles have a con that negates all the pros - it's dangerous! Studies are being conducted around the world and every now and then there is an article about the dangers of using plastic bottles. In fact, there was one in the Times Of India that came out regarding this. You can read it here.

Why we stuck to glass:

Glass is safe! And that's something that can't be emphasized enough. Safety of your little one always comes first for us. However, we didn't stop there, we made sure our bottles open up at both ends to make it really easy to clean.

But wait, what about the fact that glass is breakable?

We thought of that too. The glass in our bottles is a thick Borosilicate, which makes it much stronger than normal glass bottles. We also decided to provide a special plastic cover for our bottles which should prevent the glass from breaking if accidentally dropped from a height of up to four feet.

We would love to hear your views on which one  you prefer - plastic or glass? Please leave you comments below.

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  • Thanks for sharing such a great information. Glass bottles are more safe & it tastes better than that of plastic bottles. I will always prefer glass as compare to plastic water bottles.
    Now, I am using faucet face glass water bottle for my baby.

    Crysta Watson

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