Going Bananas Over Bananas

Probably one of the most common, yet healthiest food available – the banana is the perfect choice of great nutrition for the young and old alike. It’s delicious, comes in it’s own yellow jacket and can be had on the go. There’s just no excuse to not include it in your diet.
Bananas can even be served to young babies as long as they are ripe and thoroughly mashed. For slightly older babies, chopped bananas works the best.
So why are bananas so awesome? They are a great source of nutrients like potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, Vitamin C and many more. Read below to find out more about how each of the nutrients help the body:
Vitamin B6 – Helps in production of Red Blood Cells, metabolism of carbohydrates, improves brain and nervous system health.

Manganese – Helps in bone production, good for the skin, and helps in blood sugar control.

Vitamin C – Great antioxidant, required to produce collagen (which is essential for skin and bones and boosts brain health.

Fiber – Helps in digestion, stabilises blood sugar and helps keep cholesterol in check.

Potassium – Helps in maintaining normal blood pressure and improves kidney health.

Biotin – Helps in maintaing blood sugar balance and is good for the skin.

Copper – Great antioxidant, required to manufacture collagen, helps in energy support and cholesterol balance.

Now quit reading this and grab a banana!

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